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SierraSoft LAND – Topografia BIM

BIM software for land restitution, modeling and analysis

SierraSoft Land is a BIM software for land restitution, modeling and analysis. With SierraSoft Land, you can handle any size land survey carried out with various types of tools, such as total stations, GPS, laser scanners, and drones. The entire flow of rendering acquired data, 3D surface modeling, and section and volume calculation is managed in SierraSoft Land in a simple and comprehensive way.


BIM for topography. Share, collaborate, communicate.

SierraSoft Land is a BIM (Building Information Modeling) software for land rendering and modeling. BIM rendering and modelling takes place via the BIM exchange functionality, which is part of the M3 Framework, and is available exclusively with a SierraSoft Subscription. BIM exchange is a powerful tool that allows for the integration of topography and infrastructure and construction design within the processes, guidelines, and tools used with BIM.

Data acquisition.Use the data you have, without limitations.

Your work starts with the data you have, whether it’s points surveyed with a total station, GPS, laser scanners, or drones. SierraSoft Land has the functions to import and make your information usable; you can have a few points or a huge survey, it will be easily manageable in both cases.


Survey rendering. Manages all the information while completing and enhancing it.

If you have a traditional survey performed with points and you used codes, the entire design can be created automatically. If instead you have a cloud of points, you can use the digital survey functions to survey as if you were in the countryside. You can also take advantage of the support features to render photos, satellite imagery, digital maps, and other models.


Surface modeling. Create accurate 3D terrain surfaces.

Generates accurate 3D surfaces with just a few steps, while maintaining control over the outcome.Thanks to its discontinuities management and high processing speed, you can easily manage small models up to the triangulation of a large cloud of points. You can complete the job with contouring.


Cross sections. Extract and manage sections of your 3D models.

The sections can be automatically extracted either along a direction or along a polygonal course.Through the extraction styles, you can extract complex sections using multiple 3D surfaces in one step.


Volumes. It calculates volumes with the best method.

You can calculate volume with different methods, depending on your data and your goals. The calculation can be done either using a model’s triangular surfaces or extracted sections. The calculation for triangular surfaces is quite simple to use and extremely precise.

Multi. Multi. Multi. Multiply your workspace.

Expand the space where you manage your surveys and models at will: split your work between multiple windows, pages, or monitors. All data and views are synchronized in real time. Begin a drawing in one window and continue it in another on a separate monitor. Discover a new dimension for working.

Mega projects.When size matters.

With SierraSoft Land, you can manage large amounts of data.
Hundreds of surveys and models;
thousands of sections and topographic points;
millions of triangles and point clouds.
Your memory only holds what you need, and data is automatically compressed on your disk to create smaller archives.

Your projects will have no limits.